Every photographer craves for razor images. Have you ever wondered out of focus images can sometimes be good than razor sharp ones? Fascinated with blur in digital photography, I thought what if I blur the subject? I love the kind of hazy cinematography portrayed in movies showing the vision of a drunken character. I thought if it did wonders on video it should do the same in still photography too. I went ahead & the results were a treat to watch.

Doing Out-of-Focus photography is a simple. First select an ideal subject for photography. Second switch to MANUAL mode of the camera & set improper focus. If your camera flashes a stop signal(Due to incorrect focus) ignore the warning & press the shutter all the way down. If your camera does not has manual focus, select macro mode & then shoot.  There are no hard & fast rules for this type of photography but the basic rules of photography will definitely help in making your pictures more eye catching.

For example, have a look at the image below.

Lights Toran Sharp

Nothing impressive, right? Now check this one.

Lights Toran Blurred

This is what Out-of-Focus can do to an otherwise bland image. Here is one more example for you to gulp on.

To master Out-of-Focus photography you won’t need much skill but you will definitely require a creative imagination. Try it & share your Out-of-Focus shots under the comments.