The world of video is truly fascinating. There is a ton of epic footage now that the cameras have gone cheaper and also with the onset of affordable ancillary gears like gimbals, sliders and so on. The creativity one can output from their projects is bound only by the limits of his/her imagination. Also with time, the post-processing tools have undergone massive transformation and are now capable of creating exactly the same image which you have on your mind’s canvas. Starting with simple transition to full blown creation of a scene from scratch, there are interesting times ahead of us if you have the zeal to learn.

Compositing has always fascinated me. If you are aware of layers in any image editing software, it is the same for video. You can drop off different elements on different layers and adjust their parameters to create one seamless finished output. In this case, a video. Lately, I tried my hands at compositing a basic scene and it came out well. Here I am turning a mundane landscape scene into something interesting. By no way, I am saying this is the best but it certainly blew away my mind. It made me realize how much is possible now even if one is on a tight budget. Hope this inspires you to create something wonderful. I would love to see your projects down in the comments.