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Seagull Diaries – II

“Birds from Australia” – that’s what the locals call them! They are none other than the Seagulls. White, slender and chirpy on a cold wintery morning. We Mumbaiikars are one lot know for resilience and crowd camaraderie. Similar to our characteristics, these birds too come each morning in flocks and entertain us with their chirpy tales. Furthermore, they even feast on fried snacks which they pounce upon just like the way we do on unhealthy stuff.

With all the above similarities, no wonder we share a mutual respect. They migrate during the winter season along the coast & fill you with delight. We are one simple lot who get pleasure in smallest of the things hence the seagulls are indeed a huge thing for us. The local’s chest fills with pride as they tell me how these birds come each morning and fill them up with delight. As to how public flocks in numbers to get a glimpse of these migratory species even if it means getting up early on a chilled wintery sunday morning. Having a cup of hot chai with our famous vadapav in other hand as one savors the high pitch of these birds – that’s the ultimate bliss. Taking selfies with our guests(In India, guests is often given the status of a God) to savour for a lifetime.

Personally, I am not sure how long this migration would continue. Having photographed them over the years, I have noticed now they arrive just in a single shift a day as opposed to twice a day. The numbers though huge are still relatively less compared to the previous years. Wish we could be more considerate and not feed them with the fried savories which harm them in the long run for our own pleasures. The best way to enjoy is to just rise up and pay them a visit which will leave you with a blissful experience and tons of memories for a lifetime. Let’s preserve them in our souls(cameras too if need be) and take a step to providing them with an environment which will help them visit us in even greater numbers the next year and so on. Let there be a time when they can feel, they are not merely “Birds from Australia” but “Natives of India”!

Play of Cups & Light

What do you need for a good photograph? Subject? Light? A big yes indeed but don’t forget the camera itself. A good photograph knows no camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s your cheap cellphone or the pricey DSLR. You need to have it with you every-time & everywhere you go. It’s the only way you won’t miss great photographs & succeed in improving as a photographer.

The other day I was at McDonald’s with a friend. A humble water glass lay besides me and looked absolutely stunning under the beam of light cast upon it. I took out my mobile & snapped the following photographs. Truly a mundane subject transformed with the power of light.

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Battery Monitor in Canon DSLR

Canon DSLR’s offer a way to monitor your battery. A feature unknown to many. It is a simple but effective system. It lets you know whether the battery requires to be replaced. It also provides the number of shots taken since the battery was inserted.

Canon DSLR Battery Monitor

To access this feature, simply go under the menu option “Battery Info” on your Canon DSLR. Once within, you will be able to see the battery inserted along-with shots taken and its health. Now press ‘Info’ & then select register. Now your battery will be registered and you can monitor it time and again. This way you can register multiple batteries. This also helps when you swap batteries with someone and are unable to identify the two, as the batteries are registered by the system via their unique serial number. This might not work if you are using third party batteries which do not have the smart chip within. I always recommend to use original spares from the manufacturer.

Yongnuo is known for its budget speedlights. These speedlights offer great value for money and have been proven reliable over the time. The brand is also known to offer identical features as found in the big manufacturer’s arsenal. Today after a long period of using the company’s latest speedlight, the Yongnuo YN-600EX-RT, I put down my views on the same.

Yongnuo YN600EX-RT

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