My debut book – Memoirs of Vadodara.

Description – The book starts off with the author’s compelling need to break-free from the monotonous routine in Mumbai. As a pleasant surprise, the family schedules a trip to Vadodara which turns out to be a eye-opener. Ajit Kaka is the one-of-a kind person who takes the responsibility of ensuring the author’s family is left with the best of memories. From witnessing the city’s largest festival of Navratri to getting hands on local Gujarati food, the author narrates each of the episodes, giving you an easy ride to the place! The chronicles serve as a souvenir of happiness guided by the smallest yet profound experiences of the author. In the middle of these narrations, there are notes about life, penned while the author is in a self-discovery mode, sharing his thought process! Highlights being – Simplicity has its own charm and works wonders if you realize the worth. As the trip nears to an end, destiny springs a surprise.

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