Amidst a sea of black, there was white. From far off, white dotted the sea of black. On closer inspection, it bought immense delight & even surprise on the faces of onlookers. Some commented the new comers to be from Australia. The local vendor had a gala time weaving stories & charging premium for the yellow gathias. It was time of “Seagulls”. They hit the Mumbai coast a few weeks ago much to dismay of the pigeons who were ignored by locals.

The seagulls as per the chana vendor(bird food vendor) arrived everyday early morning around 7AM & sat around till the sunset. In evening, large number of people flocked around to catch a glimpse of these white birds & they left no stone unturned even in feeding them. From little kids to elderly, everyone was fascinated by these small white wonders. Clicking away on mobile or trying to take selfie as they feed them.

I made the most of this opportunity and returned with the following pictures. Armed with a Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS & Canon 60D, I ventured near the coast for a few days. Each day was a unique experience in itself. Ofcourse, I had the challenge to work around the slow autofocus of my lens. I had adequate reach but the lens slow focus meant I missed a lot of shots. That also meant I had to take ample shots to have the good ones. It was all about patience & finding the perfect angles. There were even moments where I was equally tempted to swap on my wide angle zoom lens as at times, the seagulls flew really close.

Seagulls Arrive!

And before you know, the sky is filled with them.

And the sky is full!

After some warmup, they settle down for a breather.

A moment of respite!

Soaking into the sun.

A Sunbath!

Also providing a nice profile for the camera.

A Profile!

At the same time, reflecting on oneself.

Self Reflection!

Before some takeoff again to soak into the sun & indulge in the food offered.

And some set wings!

Exploring the surrounding on the way.

Exploring the Surrounding!

Admiring the architecture.

Admiring the architecture!

Going solo without any reservations.

Going Solo

Or with a brother in arm.

Brother in Arm!

And when the heart is content, they slowly begin to leave one by one.

Adios Brothers!

And before one knows everyone joins the flock & they disappear into wilderness.

Good Bye!

It was a pleasant time soaking into these seagulls. It not only made me happy & grateful but also taught me an important lesson. To be patient with the task on hand and soon you will find the going easy. Keep trying out new approach if the current one doesn’t serves. Perseverance will take you to success.