I’m Gaurav Prabhu, a mumbaiite who eats, drinks & sleeps Photography. My photographs give an insight into my way of seeing the world around me. I’m a fan of black & white photography & love to shoot all genres of photography but one I enjoy the most is ‘Tabletop Photography’. I try to exploit my equipment to its fullest in my photographic endeavor. I love to push the limits of equipment & myself. Further I also like Videography.

Apart from Photography, I love to write & share what I know. On software front, I’m a Linux user & use Fedora as my main distro. I love the open nature of Linux & feel proud to be part of the huge Linux community around the world. I feel the Linux community is making great advancements rapidly & surely it would make it big in coming times.

In other vein of life, I love food(pure vegetarian) & would like to learn a few recipes. In my long term to-do list, I want to become a successful professional Indian photographer & publish a book by myself(not autobiography).

To know me further, you’ll need to be my friend. The best way is to meet me in person but in some scenarios it may not be possible so you can find me on Facebook & Twitter.