They say, when you succeed in delighting a customer, you win him forever. This holds true in my case as Tamron has yet again delighted me.

Tamron Logo Booth
My Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens overtime had developed fungus. Though it did not had any adverse effect on my photographs but I wanted to clean it before the problem worsened & further affected the optics. At the recent CEIF 2014, I happened to visit the Tamron booth to try my hands over the new Tamron 150-600mm super telephoto lens. The lens was amazing as I described here. However, a good thing happened while I was there.

Tamron was offering a free lens cleanup service over their booth. I took my lens over & asked whether it could be cleaned there. The fungus though did not affect my pictures was really visible from the front element. Even the back had a few traces of it. The cleanup guy reverted to me with the resolution that the lens would need to be sent for extensive cleanup & would not be serviceable on spot due to lack of advanced equipment. However, he did assure me to clean up the front element of the lens if I’m ready to leave the lens for an hour or so.

I agreed & left the lens for the repairs. I did not had the camera lens cap to keep the camera covered for the time I would leave the lens at the booth. So as I told him, he was kind enough to offer me a camera cap from his personal camera kit. I assured him that I would return as I come back to collect the lens.

After several hours of roaming around the exhibition hall, I finally made my way to the Tamron booth. As I saw my lens after cleanup, I was blown away. Literally, it felt like a brand new one. The optics looked squeaky clean. The outer body looked jet black & I cannot not even tell you how wonderful it was. I snapped the lens on my camera, took a few shots & they were as expected, perfect. And did I mention, all this was done for Free? I thanked the guy over the Tamron booth for the perfect cleanup & left. Tamron really strengthened my loyalty with this really wonderful cleanup.

Off-course, this does not mean I’ll use the lens without servicing for long but really it has given me a time buffer to send it for cleaning at the Tamron service centre. I appreciate the efforts of the cleaning team at the booth & I’m thankful to all of them. I’m delighted. 🙂