I’ve confessed before that apart from Photography, I have a keen interest in Cinematography too. Offcourse, I’m a photographer first but have a urge to learn about the wonderful world of Video/Film-Making & create good short films. Since investing in an video camera is not a budget solution, I would be learning to make videos on DSLR camera’s which offer more than decent quality. For time-being, I don’t have a DSLR but I always thought of making a short film just to make myself happy & improve on my filming skills. Left with no option but my Canon Powershot SX100 IS still camera, I decided to film a short film on it.

I know, you would be laughing off & its perfectly acceptable as I’m going to get nowhere with the measly 640*480 @ 30fps offered by my compact camera. Still for the sake of learning & my personal happiness, I’ve created a short video. This is not going to be the next blockbuster for sure but it might be the first step of making a blockbuster somewhere in the future.

The video was shot handheld without a tripod in a duration of about one hour at around midnight. The video depicts the life on Mumbai streets at around midnight. Due to low light, the video is grainy & I purposely did not remove the noise during processing as I wanted to keep the normal look. Removing it would have also meant loss of details on such at tiny frame. I’ll admit, I’m new to video editing & capturing, so you may find many errors in the footage. Its a steep learning curve for me. Kindly give your comments, so I can improve on my future video work.