Getting drenched in rain is one of the best things in life. The feeling is one which cannot be expressed in words nor pictures, one has to just feel it. Still I went ahead & decided to capture it into a photograph.

Here in this picture, I was not drenched by the actual rain but by water splashed on myself before taking the shot. Since I have no assistant, it was a self portrait. I setup my camera on a tripod with the LCD facing my cupboard mirror. This enabled me to frame & focus myself properly. Auto-focus was used in conjunction with the macro mode as I was very close to the camera. An aperture of f/8.0 was selected(the narrowest on my compact camera) to get the entire frame sharp. Shutter speed was irrelevant as I was using my external flash in a dark room. To the left of the frame was a huge thermocol sheet which was positioned parallel to my face. During the shot, a self timer of 10 secs was employed to facilitate myself to splash my face with water & settle down before the exposure was made. As the exposure began, I closed my eyes & with right hand fired the flash on the thermocol sheet which bounced back on my face. The flash was fired on 1/4th of its power. After the exposure was done I was happy with the outcome but I didn’t wanted the entire face in the frame. Hence I chopped it in the particular ratio which gave me my required composition. A greyscale conversion was later done in GIMP along-with minor curve enhancements, small amount of post vignette & sharpening before the final image was ready.

I hope you enjoyed this shot breakdown. Let me know your comments on this particular photograph.