Advertising & Promotion play an vital role in success of any product or service. It can make or break the deal in front of the customer. In the field of photography, there is cut-throat competition not only at product level but also when it comes to advertising & promotion.

The “I am Photokina” initiative at Photokina 2011 was a great promotional event by one of the big giant, Nikon. They had a huge screen setup to display the photographs of people who got clicked at Nikon booth at the recent Photokina event. Moreover they even handed out free copies of the photographs to the customers & made them happy. I liked the initiative. It was only time when the rival’s noticed & conspired something to stole Nikon’s limelight.

Enter the Canon 60D Training Video. This is a promotional video for the Canon 60D DSLR camera launched by the company recently. The video showcase the capability of the camera & briefs on its(Canon 60D) features with real world demonstrations. The video also features immaculate cinematography & hits the nail when it comes to narration. I liked this video a lot & have never seen such a promotional video before. It is now pushing me to get the Canon 60D which earlier was nowhere in my shopping list. Such an impact means the video has done its job of creating a buying desire amongst its prospective customers. Will I buy the Canon 60D? Time will tell but for now watch this exciting Canon 60D promotional video.

P.S – I’m NOT being paid or rewarded by Canon in anyway to publish this post. The Canon 60D is indeed a worthy camera but purchasing it won’t guarantee that you get photos/videos as shown in promotional videos. The showcased photos/videos are processed extensively on computer before they were put into the promotional video. Do note this.