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Install Cisco Packet Tracer under Linux

Cisco Packet Tracer can be a very useful tool for learning about networking without needing to spend tons of money(infact, none). The simulator allows you to create a networking topology & then carry on your configurations & changes before they can be implemented in the real world networking environment. This is critical as you get to learn from any mistakes in simulation thus not needing your network to act as a guinea pig. Here, I’ll show you how you can install the Cisco Packet Tracer under your linux system. I would be installing it on Fedora 18.

Cisco Packet Tracer Linux

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Who doesn’t loves statistics? Ever wanted to know how many users use GNU/LINUX? How many use a particular distro? Below are two sites which keep a track of Linux users. One can get his machine registered to get into the official Linux universe. Furthermore you can even use the badge to showcase in forum signature or on your website.

Linux Counter

Ubuntu Counter

If you know counters for other linux distros, mention them in comments so that I can merge them in the main post.

Installing software under Linux doesn’t require one to hit the console anymore. Thanks to the graphical package managers available which have made the job of installing, uninstalling & updating software packages a child’s play. Still knowing how to manage software via console is necessary to make yourself a competent Linux user. In this first post I will cover installing software under Debian Linux. I will follow this post with installing softwares on Redhat, installing from source etc.
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Choosing the right Linux Distro

Which distro is apt for me? This is the question which most of the Linux amateurs ask on forums. The answer to this question is not so straightforward since the its a subjective question. One may find a particular linux distro easy to use while other user may find the same distro tough to negotiate with. Here, I will answer this question from my personal experience & also from the outputs I have received from the Open Source community.

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