I’m back. This is not a new beginning for me but rather a continuation of the old in a new location. For a while, I had been feeling a bit gloom about the decision to close my two sites but now I’m alright & rearing to go. Past is gone, lets concentrate on the present was what I told myself as I hit the delete button on my old website. So the past is gone & its the present now.

Most might be familiar with me but for the newcomers it is vital I re-run the introductory speech. ShutterTux as the name sounds will have articles, how-to’s, reviews on Photography & Linux. I would pen down my experience & knowledge with photography & linux on this site along-with my reactions on advancements in both of these fields. Additionally, I would include some off-topic post about my personal life once in a while just to make things a bit fun here. After-all, all work & no play makes one dull. There are many more things which I won’t disclose for now. You’ll get to know about them once you tag along.

For now, I request you to keep checking this space. If possible, subscribe to the RSS feeds(the radio like orange button) so you can get to know about updates as soon as they happen here. I’m grateful to all of you & would love the support you provided earlier here too. Its your comments which keep me up on my toes & encourage to write more so keep them flowing. Wish you a happy stay here on ShutterTux. Come aboard, the journey has just began! 🙂