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UV filters help to filter out the UV rays in the environment from entering into the lens which leads to haziness in the pictures. The result, the contrast will improve & your pictures will become much more sharper in appearance. The UV filters were very much effective for one shooting film but with the digital era, their effectiveness seems to be debatable. Since digital sensors provide protection to filter out the UV rays, their seems no reason to use a UV filter on your DSLR anymore. However I strongly recommend you put one on your lens.

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Stairs : Photo Series

As I promised earlier, I’m back with another photo series. This time the subject is ‘Stairs’. Yes the same old-school stairs which nobody bothers to use in this age of escalators & elevators. From now onwards, I’ll let the pictures do talking with no commentary. If you have something to ask or any comments to make, you’re free to ask them in the comments below.(Click on pictures to enlarge them)

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Lamp Pole : Photo Series

A month ago or so, I went out with my friend to relish a yummy snack of Dabeli. My tastebuds were satisfied & I was waiting for my friend to finish his dabeli. At that time, I happen to look upwards. I saw an electric pole(the one with sodium lamps). Since I was standing exactly besides the pole, the pole seem as if it was reaching into the heavens. It strucked to me that this would be a good photo opportunity. I pulled out my camera & took a shot. Not impressed I started to observe what more I can do to enhance it. Another shot & as they say rest is history. I was hooked to it & decided to do a photo series a la Better Photography style. [Click on photographs to enlarge]

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