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Video Recording is the new in-thing in DSLR cameras. The feature has found many takers & its capable of producing some fantastic footage. If you’re one of the enthusiast film-maker who bought/will buy DSLR primarily for video recording then better know what else you’ll require to produce a captivating video apart from camera.

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A lot of people still debate over what is more important – ‘The Photographer’ or ‘The Camera’? Still people are not clear whether a good camera produce good photographs or the person behind the camera i.e. The photographer is the most important ingredient of a good photograph. After reading tonnes of replies & having experienced photography myself for some years now I have come up with a self conclusion.

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Beginning with Vi Editor

Editing configuration files is a routine for Linux system administrators & the equivalent advanced users. Even normal users will at times need to edit configuration files to troubleshoot any problem or tweak occasionally. For those using GUI, Kword or Openoffice Writer can come handy but what if you are on a server system with no GUI or your display is gone bonkers? Fret not guys, let me introduce you to my dear friend, Vi.

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