Couple of weeks ago, Mumbai witnessed high tides near the coast. Certain areas close to the shore were completely inundated with water as mammoth tides broke free with all their might. I was a witness to the nature’s fury & made some journalist style photographs.



I ventured as close to the waves I could just keeping a safe boundary lest I get swallowed by the waves. Perched on a boundary wall of a bungalow(visible in the photo 2), I took some of the best photographs that day. In the process I got wet, my camera got wet but all that mattered were the photographs.


Most photographers would play safe with their equipment & choose to photograph from a safe distance. However, as with life taking calculated risks help in photography too. I was not worried about my camera, I knew it would be safe in-spite of the waves & it still functions as it should be. I was nor worried about myself as I knew there was hardly any chance the waves would take me with them. In the end, I returned with some fabulous photographs.