The gifting season is here & if you’ve to gift something to a photographer friend, colleague or better half of yours, things can get bit expensive. Most of the photography gear is expensive & if you have a modest budget things can get sticky. Here I list some gift ideas for photographers which will appeal to the photographers & not even burn hole in the pocket of one who is gifting.

1) Lens Pen – Lens Pen as the name says is a pen which is used to clean lenses. This small cleaning pen is indispensable in the kit of a photographer. Perhaps your photographer might already have one but having one more handy won’t hurt.

2) Memory Card – Sure your photographer must be having many of these but they are never enough. While picking up a memory card, make sure you’ve an idea of the type of the card – SD or CF(or any other) your photographer friend uses. Once you are sure of this, get a good high speed(Class 6 & upward) one with capacity upward of 8GB & your photographer should be be happy.

3) Memory Card Case – Memory cards are fragile & tiny. They can be easily get damaged or lost. Invest in a good memory card case & gift it to your photo buddy. Pop in one memory card within the case as you gift, that would be a pleasant surprise.

4) UV / Polarizer / Neutral Density Filter – These three filters are bread & butter for most of the photographers. Get anyone(or all three) & gift them to your photographer. Before you purchase make sure, you have idea of the lens diameter he/she uses. It is generally mentioned on the front rim of the lens.(If you don’t have any idea, look for a photo of your friend with camera in hand. If it is pointed towards you in picture, you should see the diameter. It is generally 67mm,72mm & so.) Once you have the diameter, you just mention it to the shopkeeper & he would give you the precise filters. Make sure you get these from a respectable brand like Hoya.

5) Flashgun – Flashgun is a must have accessory for any photographer. Generally TTL flashguns costs fairly high so I would suggest you gift your photographer a manual one. These are available are fairly pocket friendly prices & are a good investment. Manual flashguns are generic & so you need not worry about the camera brand of your photo friend. Simply test the flashgun before purchasing. Most of these manual flashguns are made by local brands(its ok, they work well for their price) but a few noted brands are Yongnuo, Vivitar etc.

6) Rechargeable Batteries / Battery Charger – Rechargeable batteries provide power to flashguns or compact cameras. Gifting a pack of four Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries is a good deal. Make sure you get the higher capacity ones rating 2500mah or upwards. If you budget permits, you can gift a battery charger along-with the batteries.

7) Wired Remote Trigger – A wired trigger allows one to trigger the camera with the help of a wired remote thus eliminating any chances of camera shake. These wired remote trigger is an indispensable accessory if your friend shoots lot of landscapes, night low light, architecture, indoors, still life & such genres. You can pick a local brand & they work as well as the pricey manufacturer counterpart. Make sure that you know the brand & model of your friend’s camera so you can get a suitable wired remote trigger.

8) Memory Card Reader – A memory card reader allows one to transfer photos to a computer speedily. Get a good memory card reader from notable brand like Lexar, Belkin etc. Make sure it supports multiple card formats so your photo buddy isn’t left high & dry.

9) Photography Magazine Subscription – A photographer needs to be aware of the latest trends in photography business. He/she needs to keep pace with latest photo technologies, techniques, advise & more. A subscription to a popular photography magazine will go a long way in helping him/her stay updated. As they say, knowledge is wealth, it indeed is! Surprise your photo buddy with an annual subscription to a popular photography magazine. They will thank you for a lifetime.

10) ShutterTux Subscription – This gift can be clubbed with any of the above. If you feel ShutterTux will help improve your friend’s photography, then please ask him/her to subscribe to my blog. It would not only be helpful to him/her but I also would be grateful to you. I write only for my readers & having new one’s aboard are always welcome.

Hope you have now made up your mind on the gift for your photographer friend. Be ready to get a good hug from your friend as you gift him & bring joy to them. Merry Christmas & Happy Gifting!