If you want to be a good photographer, develop the habit of getting up early in morning. Its the best time to shoot outdoors. I had this particular shot envisioned & I got up early today to shoot it. The result? I not only got the shot I wanted but much more.

I got up early even though the weather was chilly. Its a good time to cuddle under your blanket & sleep for some more hours but one should not take the excuse of bad weather for not getting up early. It just takes a small push at the beginning & once you do that, you will be on a roll. So I get up & once I’m done with my preliminaries, I leave home with my tripod & off-course the camera. The shot I wish to make today, is that of the Ganesha Temple at Shivaji Park. I had seen once how magnificent the marble shines in the darkness of the night. Its a spectacle.

I happen to reach so early that I find the temple yet to be opened. I’m not able to get the position I want as the area is encroached by flower sellers so I decide to shoot from another viewpoint. As I’m waiting idle, I decide to take a walk around the temple premises just to see if I can discover another vantage point. I do. I setup my tripod & take a few shots. As I’m at it, the temple guard arrives & we get talking. He is enthusiastic & we have a good chat. He tells me about the temple timings, inquires about me & then some random musings. Soon another gentlemen joins us & soon we three talk away. He gets my contact details & even asks for a print(temple photograph) once the photograph is taken. This was really a surprise bonus. Who would thought you can get an opportunity to earn at this odd hours? I don’t complain though.


Soon the temple guard goes off to unlock the temple doors. Meanwhile I return to my original position from where I had decided to shoot. As soon as the temple doors are opened, I shoot. Happy with the shot, I don’t leave as of yet. No sooner devotees began to pour in & I grab a few more shots as I again get talking with the guard. He is very impressed.


I turn around to find, the sun just beginning to rise(though not seen) & the moon still visible in the sky. The moon is in a perfect shape. I shoot a couple of frames.


As the time comes to leave, I wave the guard goodbye. The moment I am about to ask him for his portrait, he himself makes a request for the same almost reading my mind. As I oblige & begin to take out my camera, he tells me to do it the next time. He feels his hat is not proper. I don’t coerce him & leave with the promise of taking one next time.

I leave the temple premises & I’m on my way back. Just then I notice, the city skyline looking picturesque. I again setup my tripod & make a couple of shots.


To sum it up, I had just one picture in my mind but ended up making more than one. I even opened a prospective business opportunity, made good relations with the temple guard & kick-started the day with a positive feel. All this would not have been possible if I would have stayed under the warm embrace of my bed. So what are you waiting for? Kick off those bedsheets, go out early. A world of opportunities awaits you.