The zoom ring of my Tamron 17-50 mm f/2.8 lens got stuck. It happened abruptly. It was time I take the lens to its service centre. Taking it to service centre was not an issue as I was assured of free repairs as the lens was under warranty. However I was worried in what condition will the lens be returned after the repairs. In India, most of the customer care are not really great. The consumer products are often manhandled & are kept in the custody gathering dust without being actually serviced right away.

I was really hesitant but decided to go forward with claiming the repairs under warranty anyway. Having located the repair centre over Tamron’s website, it wasn’t far off from my place. Soon upon reaching I told them the problem & the guy incharge just had a physical look at the defective lens. He queries, whether it was dropped? I reply in negative. Off-course, it wasn’t. The zoom ring went iffy on its own, one fine day. I even tell him to clean the slight fungus developed over the rear element as I’m at it. Soon he instructs the receptionist to print my job sheet. As I scan the job sheet I find, it mentioning “to be checked” under the lens problem section. I tell myself how vague. Further the receptionist mentions, “with both front & rear caps & lens wood.” Yes, ‘wood’ not ‘hood’. I don’t bother to brief her as she seems a person who in no way deals with the repairs. Basically this service centre also houses the marketing office. Having made a job sheet of repairs, I soon leave the place within 15 minutes of my arrival. While leaving, I asked the receptionist about the duration it would take for repairs. She replied, normally 4-5 days for minor repairs. As I was in the elevator, going down I thought my problem of the stuck zoom ring doesn’t qualifies as a major issue. I was certain to get the lens soon.

After five days, I call the repair centre & enquire about the lens repair status. To my delight, I get to know that the issue is fixed. Soon I drop again at their repair centre to collect it back. My lens is bought wrapped into a plastic seal king bag. I open the resealable bag & pop the lens onto my DSLR body. I took a few test shots & I’m all convinced about the repairs. When I purchased this lens, the zoom ring was damped, a bit too much than the average. I was under impression that it would come loose upon time but that did not happen. Now the zoom ring feels really nice. Just the proper hint of friction. It almost feels like the zoom ring on the expensive Canon ‘L’ glass. On inspection, I see the innards(zoom ring inside) of the lens being replaced. So has the slight fungus on the rear element being cleaned. However, the front element has a couple of fingerprints which are yet to be removed. I come home & take them off with my lenspen.

On the whole, I’m really satisfied with the repairs conducted by Tamron. I did not expect such professionalism from third party lens manufacturers. It indeed rings warning bells in the ears of the big manufacturers who often lapse in customer care. The Tamron representatives were polite & I had my lens properly serviced really quick. Most importantly in a condition no worse than what I had left. What else I can ask for? I’m really happy. Way to go Tamron.