Photographers often need to resize hundreds or even thousands of picture from time to time. Manually resizing each photographs one by one will ensure you do not get time to do any other things & missing submission deadlines. The solution to this answer is “Batch Resize”. As the name suggests, it means resizing photos in large quantities in one go. In this article, I’ll show you how to resize photographs in Digikam.

1) Open Digikam & navigate to the directory which hold the photographs you want to be resized. Select all using “CTRL +A”. Else you can select as per your preference.

2) Now click on “Batch Queue Manager” button below the menu bar. This will load the batch queue manager with the photographs you selected before. Under the “Base Tools/History” pane, navigate to “Resize” which can be found under “Transform”. Double-click “Resize” to add it to the “Assigned Tools” pane.

3) After doing the above you should see an option to set the width for the resized photographs. You can either select from the drop-down list or input the width dimension manually as per your preference. Once this is done, click “Run” button(below the menu bar) to start the resizing process. Digikam should begin with the resizing process & open up the history tab automatically showing you the progress.

You can grab a coffee or go for a stroll as Digikam resizes your photographs. Depending on the number of photographs & the processing power of your computer, the process may take sometime to complete. Once it is complete, you should get a prompt indicating it. All your resized photographs can now be found under the “Pictures” sub-directory under your home directory.