Canon Edge is a post-sales program by Canon to give its DSLR users some benefits when the DSLR camera is purchased with a proper bill & warranty. My recent purchase of the Canon EOS 60D entitled me for the Canon Edge Program which includes a Go Pro Training Program & a complimentary sensor cleaning. Also included are various others benefits like contests, workshop etc to help users become a better photographer.

I registered for the “Canon Go Pro Training” program which should be availed within six months from date of purchase of your DSLR camera. Registration should be done online on Canon Edge website for the training after which one will receive a confirmation email for the training workshop with other details. The schedule of the training can be viewed online on the website itself.

A Participant Concentrating...

I registered for the training today i.e. On 12/11/11 at Ravindra Natya Mandir at Prabhadevi, Mumbai. I got their along-with my camera at around 11:15AM as the training was to begin at around 11:30AM. It did not begin on time but began at noon. Once in to training, it was breeze. I expected it to be just a starter program for amateur DSLR users but I was proved wrong. It not only covered the basics but also topics which were definitely of advance nature. The training team from Shari Academy(Official Canon Pro Centre) was very adept at their task & kept the workshop on course. Their were jokes going on, so nobody felt bored as they taught for almost four hours on a stretch. The faculty answered the queries of the participants & were very helpful. As study material, each participant of the workshop received a notepad, a book on basics of DSLR Cameras along-with a recent issue of the EOS magazine. To our surprise, they even promised a DSLR bag for all the participants. Some participants got the bag on spot but some will have to go to Shari Academy at Chinchpokli to get theirs as the bag were few in number.

The Goodies!

Overall, I would say the workshop was very satisfying or in Canon’s term ‘Delighting’. The participants were great, the teachers were great & that meant all had a great time. But I was disappointed by a few things. First, the confirmation email for the workshop contained the address of Shari Academy as the venue for training session which was not the venue I learnt upon calling them(& the one mentioned on voucher coupon for training which you receive in the camera box) . Also the time of the session was mentioned incorrect on Canon Edge website & also in the confirmation email. I’m sure a lot of participants definitely had been put to inconvenience due to this. Second, the training session did not begin on time & due to this the training team had to sacrifice on vital hands-on experience for a significant part of the program. This delay was due to technical snag but it should have been handled more professionally(Another reason NOT to use Windows PC :p). Though I would give them a benefit of doubt on this as there were a hell lot of questions & queries put in by the participants. Third, I felt there should have been a small break for the participants to refresh a bit. Over a period of time, it becomes difficult to remain attentive especially when dealing with advanced topics. Again as the time was lost due to technical snag, the participants just got a break of a measly three minutes. Overall, the knowledge received through the training was well worth the time & I can assure that you’ll be surprised to find many advanced things to being put in the mix. Offcourse the training faculty will differ as per the area but the teachers at Shari Academy were just wonderful. So if you just bought a new Canon DSLR, then go ahead & enroll for the training you surely won’t be left disappointed.

Trying out learnt Technique!

The reason I decided to put this up was due to the fact that I’ve seen many instances online of many dis-satisfied Canon Edge users reporting the workshop is just a myth & that never happens in reality. Today I can assure you that it isn’t a myth. Its neither that I’m getting paid by Canon or Shari Academy for doing this blog post. Cheers to Canon for putting up such a unique program to find the new DSLR owners quickly find their feet & get into the voyage of making photographs.