Spike guards are one of the most neglected components when it comes to building a computer. Most folks get a cheap local brand for their high end rigs. They are unaware of the dangers of using a cheap spike guard. They don’t know a cheap spike guard make knock off the precious components inside their computers during a power surge. Even I used a cheap spike guard till now but then I realized its better to get a good one as I would not like any bad things happening to my computer components or worse still losing my precious photographs.

I had decided to get a good spike guard & it was really easy to get one as most cheap ones can be easy to spot. MX was a good brand but it had many fakes at the Lamington Road(The computer hub in Mumbai) so I decided to get one from economy series of Belkin. My requirement was of four sockets but then I went with six sockets as for future proofing.


# Six Sockets
# Two metre Power Cable
# Maximum Spike Current : 13,000 Amps
# Six Amp Circuit Breaker
# 3-Line AC Protection


The Belkin spike guard is very slim & made of plastic which Belkin claims to be scratch-less. Only time will tell about it but most of the spike guards remain untouched & this should not be much of an issue. Since the plastic has a matte finish, it should not scratch. Only the glossy plastic have a tendency to get scratches & bruises. Overall the quality is good & you should have no complaints.


The six sockets are without individual power switches something which I like but still its not what most users want. The plugs fit in securely & one can use Indian or other countries power plugs with ease. This eliminates the need for converter sockets which I used to need to connect my computer on my old spike guard. Again there are no sparks due to proper connections & this is a one of the hallmark of a good spike guard.


The power cord of the spike guard is two metre in length & that should be enough for the most. The sockets on spike guard have inbuilt safety shutters so to keep children safe & also to prevent dust from getting into unused sockets overtime. The unit even has factory pre-punched holes so you can wall mount it.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts:

I got the Belkin Economy Six Socket Spike Guard for Rs.550 INR & it offers a good value for money. For similar price you may get cheap spike guards offering a long power cable & maybe even more sockets but that is not a bait to get caught in when the safety of your precious equipment & data is at stake. With lifetime warranty, I have no hesitation to recommend the Belkin Economy Six Socket Spike Guard for those on a budget.