One of the reasons why people do not shift to Linux platform is Gaming. Being having a large user-base, game titles are primarily programmed for Windows. Linux versions are available but only for handful of titles. WINE project has made it possible to play windows games on Linux but not without some anomalies. Due to such scenario, gaming under Linux has been limited. The Linux community has been aware of these problems infesting Linux adoption & have been encouraging developers to develop games for Linux.

A german Linux distro – LinuX Gamers Live aims at garnering gamers attention. LinuX Gamers Live is a Arch based distro which is packed with free games, some of which are well known amongst the Linux gaming community. As per its name, it is available in Live DVD & games can be run directly without need of installing the distro. Furthermore, the 3D accelerated drivers for Nvidia or Ati cards are installed automatically as you boot from the DVD.

The desktop comes with two widgets bar which allows you to launch the games at a mere click of mouse button. Alternately you can right click on the desktop to get a list of all available games & accessories. Being a gaming centered distro, you will not find any general utility applications. Mozilla Firefox is bundled though its an outdated version since the distro is not updated frequently. This is understandable as the distro would not be used for normal desktop use anyways.

The games bundled are a mix of 2D & 3D, some having simple gameplay while others more challenging. The game mix considered is almost perfect & showcases the best fro Open Source World in form of TORCS, Nexuiz etc. The distro is suited for varied age levels & hence will please everyone. The games should play fine on most of the machines having a decent graphic card. I had a great time playing on my 24 inch monitor at full HD settings cranking up all the details. Inspite of running off a live DVD the games did not lag or stutter even once. Sound was great but I could not test multi channel support as my speakers are not in a good shape but online testimonials of people suggest no problem in surround channel mode either. Once I got down to play, I was hooked. Small or big both types of games are extremely addictive & will come handy when you have loads or even a couple of free minutes at your disposal. Anybody who says Linux does not offers good games should definitely try this distro. Offcourse it cannot be compared to biggies on Windows platform but most expect from gaming is recreation & Linux Gamers Live offers just that. Happy Gaming!