Canon & Nikon have created two groups in the DSLR world with each group trying to outwit each other. Its an open truth that a good photograph doesn’t needs a particular Canon or Nikon camera to make. It requires a creative vision & technical knowledge on part of the photographer. Yet people battle on noise performance, lens sharpness between the two brands. But do they know how futile it is?

Both Canon & Nikon are top brands competing against each other. They advertise & market aggressively since both are quite similar(not identical). Sure there are some advantages of one brand over other but the advantage is too slim to justify.

One should not get overtly impressed by brand commercials & brand salesmen. The salesmen are taught to speak a predefined language which is full of goodness for the home product & laden with shortcomings of the rival product. Similarly, commercials often misguide people. For e.g. More mega-pixels doesn’t mean better pictures. To make better photographs, you’ll need sound technique & thorough understanding of light.

Keep away from sites which compare sensor performance, CA & other factors of various brands. Sure they are NOT absolutely incorrect in their analysis but they are also NOT so correct in real life applications. Don’t obsess much on the stats & charts as you may end up getting confused and buying the wrong camera for your needs.

In the same vein, get a camera according to your photographic needs. Do NOT buy a camera based on suggestions from friends or on recommendations from various website’s. Again some are biased and may give you adulterated advise. Take the advise & recommendations with a pinch of salt. Nobody except you knows what you’ll use your camera for. Only you know what features you’ll need. No-one can tell this camera will suit you ergonomically. Before deciding, try out camera yourself at stores to get a feel of it.

Finally, the most important – Gear obstruct your view. You may crave to buy those high end lenses, the weather sealed full frame body or even a flashgun but ask yourself are they indispensable for your work? Most of times you’ll want to get new gear just for sake of novelty or since your peers have them. Get over it & instead focus your thinking and time on getting good photographs. A great photograph made by you on a meagre equipment will give immense satisfaction when you win over your cash rich competitors. The judges(or nobody for matter of fact) will hold you back from winning since you took the photograph on an old 5MP compact camera. So get over gear & get into the field.