Totem Media Player is one of the most widely used media player amongst Linux user. Given its ability to handle many formats using the versatile G-Streamer framework, it has become a one stop all player for users who favor simplicity over the advanced VLC Player. Though the player offers a simple interface, there are some interesting features on offer which lie covered under the applications menu. Let’s dig in & unearth them!

Screenshot Taker:

If you need to take screenshot from your favourite movie, then simply press “CTRL+S” or go to Edit>Take Screenshot. Fill in the location to save the screenshot & you’ve your custom wallpapers from your favourite flick. The resolution of the screenshot will depend on the resolution of the video file you’re watching.

Screenshot Gallery:

Screenshot Gallery is useful if scenarios where you want screenshots taken at predefined intervals in your video/movie & then stitched together in single image file which can be displayed on forums or your website for illustration purposes. Its a bit rough & needs refinement but gets the job done satisfyingly enough. Screenshot Gallery can be accessed by navigating to Edit > Create Screenshot Gallery…

Aspect ratio:

Have problems viewing widescreen videos on your old square CRT monitor(or vice-versa)? The videos leave blackbars on your CRT monitor reducing the area of view. No problem, just navigate to View > Aspect Ratio and select the desired aspect ration for your monitor to get a fullscreen view. CRT monitors have aspect ration of 4:3 whereas Widescreen LCD monitors have ratio of 16:9.


Totem media Player has plugin support but its not enabled by default. Navigating to Edit > Plugins will present you with a list of installed plugins. A description alongside will help you to determine the utility of a particular plugin. Enable any plugin as per your preference.

Additional Preferences:

For additional preferences, navigate to Edit > Preferences. Here you can change the font of the subtitle, visualization, sound output & other miscellaneous options. Set it according to your tastes.

Once you do the above refinements, you’ll definitely have a improved Totem experience. I’ve done it & I’m enjoying it. Simplicity at its best, that’s what Totem Media Player shines for!