A lot of people still debate over what is more important – ‘The Photographer’ or ‘The Camera’? Still people are not clear whether a good camera produce good photographs or the person behind the camera i.e. The photographer is the most important ingredient of a good photograph. After reading tonnes of replies & having experienced photography myself for some years now I have come up with a self conclusion.

Lets assume two scenarios. In first a normal joe with a high end DSLR camera & in second scenario a photo buff with a low end point & shoot(p&s) compact camera. When the normal joe goes out shooting with his high end camera, he gets poor to just decent photographs. The reason he not being a photographer cannot unleash the maximum potential of the great camera he owns. He does not knows what all the buttons & switches on his camera do but he is also unaware of composition rules, lighting setup etc. He shoots in AUTO mode on his high end DSLR. He uses burst mode to photograph a still object. He is unaware of different lenses he can use with his DSLR camera to unleash a magnitude of photographic opportunities. Further he gets egoistic since he owns a DSLR camera, he already thinks he is the PRO photographer. However in reality he is not even the ‘P’ of ‘PRO’.

On the other hand, the photo buff having a p&s compact camera is damn passionate about photography. He sleeps, drinks & eats photography. He shoots splendidly with his p&s camera. He knows its limitation & hence he is always prepared with workarounds for them. However at times, he wishes ‘If only my camera had a hot-shoe, then I could take lovely portraits’. In the same vein, ‘Wish I could swipe the default lens with a really fast lens so I could shoot in low light’. But then he knows he can’t as he only has a p&s camera at his disposal. He feels deeply if only he had a DSLR then he would have satisfied his urge of all those creative shots which are raring to get out of his brain cells.

He gets gloom for a while but then realizes instead of wasting time mourning he would try to get wonderful photographs out of his p&s camera. He grabs his camera & again masterminds to workaround its limitations. With so much dedication, its a matter of time before he gets a wonderful shot.

The lesson to learn here is, ‘Its not only the person but even the camera(to some extent) which make a good photograph’ as opposed to ‘the sole person than the camera make a good photograph’. A decent camera is required so that it cannot put a ceiling on the creative vision of the person using it. Further we also learn that one should try to make full use of whatever equipment(camera, flashgun, filters etc) he/she has at hand. This means one should try to squeeze the last drop out of his/her equipment to get that perfect shot. For that one must know his/her equipments very well so that he/she can work around its limitations. Once you do all the above, you’re only limited by your photographic vision. 🙂