Arch Linux is a distribution for advanced linux user. The basic goal of Arch Linux is to provide users with a fast & smooth linux experience. I’ve been using Arch Linux for over a month now & I’m quite liking it. If you’re a seasoned linux user & want to try out a new distro then maybe Arch Linux is for you. Here are five reasons I feel Arch Linux rocks.

Custom Install – With most linux distros, there comes a bundle of software preinstalled from office suites to music players to chat clients. While this is not a bad choice as it allows for an out-of-box experience but it leaves the advanced user frustrated who prefers applications different from the one installed by default. To keep such users happy, Arch Linux adopts a novel way of custom install. Arch Linux doesn’t decide the applications for the user but let the user decide them for himself. As such, you’re free to install the desktop environment, office suite, media player, chat client, RSS client etc of your choice. This means you only install what you require while forget the rest.

Speed – Arch Linux is optimised for speed. Since it lets user decide what applications to install the system runs blazingly fast than other linux distros. Arch Linux on further tweaking allows one to unleash an all new level of speed. So if you’re looking for a fast distro then you should consider Arch Linux.

Stability & Cutting Edge – Arch Linux is incredibly stable. I just once had a locked up system till now. I haven’t even faced any applications crashes either. Its rock solid & I just love it. This stability doesn’t comes at the price of old applications though. Arch Linux updates to the latest version of software as & when they get released. The softwares go through extensive testing before they are pushed to end user & hence they are very stable. So you get both, cutting edge software alongwith stability.

Rolling Release Cycle – Arch Linux follows a rolling release cycle. This means unlike distros like Fedora or Ubuntu which push a new version every six months, Arch Linux push updates as & when they are available. Imagine KDE releases 5th version of their desktop environment today. If you’re using Fedora or Ubuntu then you’ll have to wait for time till they roll out their next OS release which would contain the KDE 5 update. Whereas with Arch Linux you can get the KDE 5 update in around one day or even lesser. This allows you to stay updated on the software front. The Arch Linux even updates the core system files whenever the updated ones are available & hence you do not need to download & install a new arch linux base image. All this with stability as discussed in the previous point. This is one reason why many prefer Arch Linux over other linux distros.

Gain Knowledge – Arch Linux is not a distro for linux newbies or amateurs. You need to have a fair knowledge of editing files & working in CLI(command line) to setup Arch Linux. Since Arch Linux leaves everything to user’s choice you’ll need to do everything by yourself from partitioning hard-disk, installing graphical environment(X Org + DE), configuring sound, managing startup etc. This will require a lot of reading of Arch Wiki which is an excellent detailed resource for Arch Linux. At the end of setting up Arch Linux successfully, you should get a fair knowledge of how the system works. Further, troubleshooting problems will make you more informed about the innards of your Arch Linux system.

If you haven’t tried Arch Linux yet, go ahead give it a try. It could be one of the best decision you every took in your Linux computing journey.