I never believed in this thing called ‘Love’. I use to ridicule & joke on my love sick companions. In return, they use to comment saying “Someday it will happen with you too & then you’ll realize”. I knew such comments were nothing more than hollow warnings & falling into love felt highly improbable to me. But then destiny played its trick & I felled in Love.

Our first meet dates back long ago when I use to study in 7th grade. We didn’t met frequently but only on special occasions. Our chats were also limited as she seem to like my dad’s company more than mine. Though I was not complaining as I didn’t felt anything for her then. I was happy with the limited smiles & satisfaction I experienced in her company. For next three years, we met at a frequency of two to three meets each year. By now we had become good friends.

As I was about to understand her better, destiny separated us. I kept fingers crossed hoping to meet her but my hope kept diminishing with each passing day. Days transformed into Months & Months into Years. Two years passed over & I moved on. Not quite though as I would miss her badly when I stumbled upon our past memories. Life got hectic with added responsibilities of adulthood. I felt the need to enjoy & share my life with a potential partner as bachelorhood had began to creep boredom.

At around end of August 2007, one of my mom’s colleague paid a visit to our home. The colleague had brought someone special with him. He introduced me to her and we both struck a cord then & there itself. We were comfortable in each other company just when mom’s colleague got up to leave. I got upset on knowing she would also go taking away the brief moments of my joy. To my surprise, they(colleague) left her with us, the reason behind leaving her known only by my parents. I did not ask as I got what I wanted. I could see a glimpse of my ex darling in her.

Life suddenly felt smooth in the company of my new friend. We use to woke up together, attend classes together, sat on beach together, ate out together & the list goes on. There came a time when it became impossible to spot us apart. My other friends were not comfortable at first in welcoming her but later on accepted her in our group. As time progressed, we became closer. We understood each other so well that we gave no reason for complaints to one another. Slowly rumours circled in my friends gang about our super close relation. Comments were darted towards me to grab her forever. I pondered to get a suitable answer. “Is this Love?”, I questioned myself. Pat came an affirmative reply from chambers of my heart.

Complimenting my hearts reply, my brain reminded me of the moments which were possible only because of her. She had given a distinct course to my life & always lent her support in testing times. It seems a no brainer now & I decided to let her lead me ahead in my life.

I, Gaurav Prabhu on my knees on this beautiful day…

“I Love You, Miss.Photography. Would you like to extend your support throughout my life?”

The good thing is she has responded positively & has always been by my side till date. Touch wood, this relation never ends. 🙂