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Spark of Inspiration

It is rightly said – “For one’s Imagination, sky is the limit!”

A strike of imagination and our day is transformed into a worthy one. Once the human mind is stretched, it never regains its original boundaries. It is a beautiful monster. If feeded with regular supply of inspiration, it can transform a life. If not, it can ruin one.


As I was scrolling through my whatsapp contact list, I happened to come across a display picture(DP) of one of my best friend. To a naked eye, it was nothing but a closeup of an ear-ring. However, for me it was like kick-starting my idling mind engine into the first gear and soon enough into the top gear. I could not get it out of my head. It was so captivating that I felt a rush of adrenaline in my system. I rested for a while before I penned this down to make sure it wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

At first I noticed it(DP) in its original version. It appeared beautiful & serene. I glanced again & this time, it appeared far more beautiful.(More with repeated glances) My charged mind till then began to process it at an astonishing pace. Soon thoughts poured like a heavy downpour. How it would appear, if light would struck the other way. How magnificent it would look without the neck-piece. How delicate it looks with the single strand of hair which had peeked into the frame accidentally.

To me this picture symbolizes the true beauty of women. It creates a mystery as the viewer is not able to see the face but can only imagine how beautiful she must be. The loose strand of hair adds innocence as a quality. The curve line of the face completes the picture with the perfect balance of beauty with grace.

As I conversed and praised my friend for the picture, I got to know it was a random picture taken some-time ago. Further, most of her contacts were befuddled as to why she kept such a DP however to me it was a source of inspiration. One that gave me something worthy to chew upon and made me sign a pact with myself to create something more enthralling. Not for the sake of growing over the original but to bring out my mental creation. The original creation is beautiful and will remain so always in my eyes!

This also struck a chord within as to how a simple spark of imagination can turn a simple day into an extra-ordinary one. If we manage to find a spark each day, we are guaranteed to a life of satisfaction.

Leaves! I’m fascinated by them. Each leaf has a unique texture, shape & colour to it. The symmetry, the lines & the details truly testify the wonderful creation of the nature. As the season’s progress, they transform uniquely & again take on an entirely new character. I’m obsessed with all these qualities of leaf. Here is another photo series on them. Enjoy. :)



Love - Two Bodies, One Soul

Love – Two Bodies, One Soul





In case you’re curious about the first photo series on leaves, check it out. :)

Lamp Pole : Photo Series

A month ago or so, I went out with my friend to relish a yummy snack of Dabeli. My tastebuds were satisfied & I was waiting for my friend to finish his dabeli. At that time, I happen to look upwards. I saw an electric pole(the one with sodium lamps). Since I was standing exactly besides the pole, the pole seem as if it was reaching into the heavens. It strucked to me that this would be a good photo opportunity. I pulled out my camera & took a shot. Not impressed I started to observe what more I can do to enhance it. Another shot & as they say rest is history. I was hooked to it & decided to do a photo series a la Better Photography style. [Click on photographs to enlarge]

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